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Fritz Jörg was a well known blacksmith from Zweilütschinen, Switzerland and also my Great-Great-Grandfather

His Ice-Axes were famous in the climbing world at the time, and he even traveled as far as Paris to show his inventions. You can see some of the medals hew won on his the letterhead below. 

I was always amazed and inspired that a simple blacksmith from a small village in Switzerland made it to Paris in the 18 hundreds. That what not an easy venture at the time and he really had to believe in his products to make that journey.


He was a real entrepreneur, that is why I included his name in my company. 

Fritzmar thrives to help entrepreneurs entering the US market, and to make their journey to success ,more enjoyable. 

Fritz Jörg advertisement for his Ice-Axes; Swiss Alpine Club Yearbook 1905

Fritz Jörg advertisement 1905

Apprenticeship contract between Fritz Jörg and the father of Peter Fischer

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